Globally, innovation is changing the business landscape. The pandemic has further exposed these inadequacies within the fintech industry.

Financial Data Asset Availability

We use advanced analytic processes in the lending process, leveraging customer data in quantifying credit risk.

Advancement in data storage and processing capabilities allows automated real-time decisioning. This improves operational efficiency and create new business opportunities for your organisation.

We support your digitalisation by providing bespoke business insight leveraging your data asset enriched by those from other sources, employing cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning methodologies, to help your business make intelligent real-time lending decisions. Enabling efficiency of the loan application process

The Current process

  1. Application is made
  2. Applicant makes contact with Agent for further verification
  3. Verification carried out
  4. Decision reached
  5. Payout made or declined

This process takes on average takes 120 man hours. Only about 20% of loan applications are successful. Banks lose almost 50% of their profit to defaults and recoveries effort

Enabling Efficiency of Loan Application Process

CDID Speeds Up The Process

Lending decisions for most applicants made within 10s. It can accurately predict who is likely to default. CDID could save Financial Organisations over 60% of current losses to defaults and on recovery costs. Further, speeds up the lending process by 2000%