Our Artificial Intelligence engine help financial organisations to identify high-risk customers well before they become a problem

Scetru is a startup fintech company specialising in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to fast track and provide intelligent decision making in the loans and lending processes for financial institutions. The founders of Scetru have contributed massively to the AI and Data Science industry in the United Kingdom, having contributed and led mega project saving millions of Pounds in several multinational companies in the UK.
The financial industry in Nigeria is bleeding billions of Naira yearly in loan recovery and even more billions in unrecoverable loans. Time lost and money lost in lost credible loan prospects is unquantifiable. Scetru has developed a solid AI decision engine that is able to make intelligent decisions with 80+% accuracy, and getting better, at loan decision for banks and other financial bodies, with reduced lead time to approval.

Limiting the time to decide and the risk of loss

Scetru develops an intelligent decision system for smart loans and credit management solutions for financial institutions that help them, and their users increase their financial decisions and processing pace, save money, make more money, and make secured investment decisions for the future.

We are a team of talented and experienced experts, top in the industry

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