Scetru Expertise

Machine learning must be an integral part of lending in the modern world of Fintech. Scetru has several ML and AI products we are introducing into the financial industry to leverage its efficacy daily across the entire lending value chain. From enabling smarter underwriting decisions to improving processing times between lending banks and consumers, Artificial Intelligence models can help financial organizations manage customer churn, identify new target customers, and reduce lending risk. Financial organisations need to identify high-risk customers before they become a problem to them.


We aim to support  financial organisations by helping them:

  • gain a better understanding of their customers
  • make intelligent real-time actions
  • improve their operational efficiency
  • mitigate credit risks
  • unlock new business opportunities
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have established tools for creating profiles that can help in identifying potential loopholes and vulnerabilities in the consumer loan application. Scetru has series of products developed just to help accelerate this process through an automated data science platform that reduces the lead time to loan approval from weeks to days, even hours while reducing the risks to the barest minimum.

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